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When Digital & Product

design are combined

LukeRoberts is a hardware start-up focused on the production of a smart LED lamp. We worked on the app concept and design, while following the product design, hardware and software development.

From the first kick-off workshop a direction and challenge was formulated: the focus was on simulating the painting effect of the light as a way to control it. Furthermore structure the variations into custom and predefined light scenes.






2015 – 2016

At the time, the hardware part was still an idea 

—  far from a first prototype  —  yet the vision was already clear.

Product Design

LukeRoberts believes that smart lighting products must be visually appealing and built with high quality materials. The heat sink is made from anodized Aluminium and the powerful LEDs are covered behind a durable anti-glare diffuser. The lamp is designed and manufactured in Europe and won the Silver Award at the 2015 London Design Award.


Digital Product Design

The design evolved and we aimed to create a gesture based interaction for the navigation and light editing, where the structural elements and buttons were reduced to the minimum.

Thanks to a simple painting gesture it’s possible to control of the coloured uplight and white downlight and direct the light in the environment.

Interaction Design


iOS App Design


Erica Salvetti – Interaction and Visual Designer
Sergey Skip – Senior Visual Designer
Peter Zoell – Senior Project Manager
Benjamin Beck – Product Designer
LukeRoberts – Hardware and Software Development


Designed in Sketch (UX) and Photoshop (UI)
Managed on Jira